Combating Antisemitism in Sport

‘Combating Antisemitism in Sport’ is a long-term project in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress. It brings together different efforts from across the sporting world internationally and aims to establish antisemitism as its own focal area within the sporting world’s anti-discrimination work.

In recent years, more and more sports teams and associations, especially in football, have taken a stand on sociopolitical issues and undertaken their own actions against racism and other forms of discrimination. Although many clubs and associations in European football have signed the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, this has resulted in only isolated activities at various clubs. Our aim is to network these efforts internationally. Here, we’re leveraging our long experience with organizing educational projects in both German and international football. We want to promote the exchange of ideas and facilitate reciprocal learning. We’re also developing our own model projects as a basis upon which others can build. In terms of subject matter, ‘Combating Antisemitism in Sport’ takes a holistic approach involving three thematic areas: antisemitism, Holocaust remembrance, and Jewish life today. In terms of methodology, we’re working primarily with educational trips, memorial-site visits, and workshops. We also see ourselves as a liaison for Jewish organizations and groups while also advising sports teams and associations, in addition to political representatives and public institutions.