DSW21 #WeRemember light-rail train

A special light-rail train has been traversing Dortmund since late February 2023. Marking the 80th anniversary of the deportation of Jewish Dortmunders to Auschwitz, it transports the memory of that event into the present.

Working with DSW21 (Dortmund’s municipal services company), the Dortmund Jewish Community, and the World Jewish Congress, ‘what matters’ has designed a new livery for this particular light-rail train. It incorporates a number of elements, most importantly the 1,972 names of Dortmund Jews who were murdered in the Shoah. In addition, there are quotes from Hans Frankenthal and Ernst Lion concerning deportation, and how Jews were brought to Dortmund’s South Station by streetcar. There are also two slogans reflecting back at today’s society: ‘Remember the past: create the present and future’, and ‘Remember the past: against antisemitism’. The displayed QR codes take people to deportationen-dortmund.de, where they can read more about the deportations from Dortmund.

The #WeRemember light-rail train is part of our wider cooperative efforts with DSW21, which also includes the educational program ‘From Dortmund to Auschwitz’ for trainees of its various municipal service branches, as well as an appraisal of the Dortmund municipal service company’s history during the Nazi period.