An exhibition for the 2024 UEFA Championship

Sports, Mass Appeal, Power: Football Under National Socialism is an exhibition examining football under National Socialism, presented in cooperation with the Berlin Sports Museum, to be shown in Berlin in 2024.

In collaboration with ‘what matters’, the Berlin Sports Museum is planning an exhibition on football under National Socialism, to be shown before and during the UEFA European Men’s Football Championship scheduled for June 2024 in Germany. It will critically examine the close links between politics and football under National Socialism. What role did football play in the shaping and strengthening of the ‘Volksgemeinschaft’, the idealized ‘ethnonational community’ of Nazi ideology? The spotlight will be on the relevant power structures, as well as the fate of those individuals in football who suffered from racist and antisemitic policies. The exhibition will be shown at Berlin’s Olympiapark—the site of the 1936 Olympics under Hitler—and will help inform the ongoing debates around German football’s Nazi past. In doing so, it will hold up a mirror to the questions of ‘participation’ and ‘exclusion’ that are so important for society today.

Photo: Maria Ganten