Exploring Antisemitism in European Football

One step of our project "Building Bridges: Survey on Combating Antisemitism Through Football." is an online survey among stakeholders in European football. In summer 2023, more than 100 participants hailing from 14 different countries answered the questionnaire.

This survey was a key component of the EU-funded project, BRIDGES, undertaken in collaboration with three esteemed partners: World Jewish Congress (the international umbrella organization of national Jewish communities which is connecting and protecting Jewish communities globally, in more than 100 countries), the NGO CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe that promotes social cohesion through training, education dialogue, and advocacy, and the NGO What Matters that empowers sport organizations to address antisemitism.

Throughout its live period, the survey garnered insights from European football stakeholders, including leagues, associations, and clubs. It sought to better understand various aspects such as Holocaust remembrance, strategies for combating antisemitism, and the advancement of Jewish culture within the world of football. Additionally, the survey explored the perspectives of professionals in the field of football on topics such as discrimination and promoting inclusion. The research team was particularly interested in understanding the needs of stakeholders for such work and learning from their experiences and recommendations that can be shared with others. We will now analyze the responses and then publish and distribute the results.

For any questions or further assistance, please feel free to contact our research team at ttonawdmetfei.a@rsh.