Football and Remembrance

In the run-up to and during the UEFA EURO 2024, “Football and Remembrance” is offering a comprehensive programme for dealing with the history of National Socialism. Memorials, places of remembrance and museums are taking part in specific events throughout the country and especially in the vicinity of the ten host cities. In addition to the many international guests at the tournament, all local people interested in sports and history are also invited to take advantage of one of the varied offers.

As part of “Football and Remembrance”, many of the memorial sites involved will be directed towards those interested with a special sports-related offer. They take the opportunity to look at the history of concentration and forced labour camps using the example of sport, in particular football, to learn about the interwoven history of sports facilities and places of National Socialist persecution and to find out more about the lives and suffering of sportsmen and women who were persecuted. All offers are marked on an overview map.

All information about the offer can be found here.